Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bats Are Still Dying! Here's How You Can Help

By Christopher Courtley

It seems that the widespread deaths of bats, bees, and frogs may be linked. These three organisms are extremely important to our ecosystem, so we can't afford to sit by and let entire species of bats, bees, and frogs be decimated. Here's how you can help stem the tide and prevent what could be a disastrous blow to our fragile ecosystem.


If you can donate funds to a reputable non-profit group such as the Organization for Bat Conservation or The Wildlife Conservation & Education Center, then please do so! But keep in mind it's always wise to do a bit of investigating as to where your money is going and what is being done with it. Also, simply throwing money at a problem is not enough. In addition, we need to put our mouths where our money is by helping to educate others. A word or two can make a huge difference, so don't keep silent when it comes to spreading the word about bats and other endangered species; especially bats because they get such a bad rap.


If you can afford to volunteer some of your time to at one or two of these organizations, that would be an immense help as well, not to mention a fun, exciting and extremely rewarding experience for you! Again, the same rules of caution you would use when donating funds applies here. Do your research. Make sure you are volunteering your services to a reputable organization that is actually making a difference.

Educate Others

One of the best things you can do to help costs you nothing at all except for a few moments of your time. Please help spread awareness about the plight of bats and their importance to the environment and do your best to dispel myths about bats and educate others who may still have misconceptions about them.

Buy Organic

Since the article we linked to above cites the use of pesticides as a possible factor contributing to the mass destruction of bats, bees, and frogs, one very important way to help save these valuable members of our ecosystem is to join the growing movement toward sustainable living. A very simple first step in this direction is to buy organic. But make sure it's really organic. If a label says "Organic" and nothing else, it's essentially meaningless. Look for "USDA Organic" or "Certified Organic". Even better, if you live in an area where you have the opportunity to support a local organic small farm directly, please do so!

Hang a Bat House

While it won't solve the problem of where bats are going to spend the winter, which is when they are vulnerable to White Nose Syndrome, hanging a bat house is a nice way to show your appreciation for the bats in your area. It will also give you a chance to better observe these fascinating creatures and perhaps even a few opportunities to educate others about them.

Thank you for your support. Stay batty! ^V^

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